What’s The Difference Between Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment?

By Bluebell
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A question we have received from clients is what’s the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment? You may be wondering if these services are one in the same. We would not condemn you for this. They sound quite similar but in fact, there are differences.

Both wheel balancing and wheel alignment are some of the most common tyre services across the country. When buying brand new tyres you should always have your wheels aligned to prevent uneven wear from the get go.

These two services are vital for the life of your tyres on your car, van or truck. Whether or not your wheels have been aligned correctly will directly impact how often you need to change your tyres.

It’s important you ask a tyre services company for wheel alignment and wheel balancing to ensure the tyres on your vehicle do not wear as quickly.

Why Is Wheel Balancing Important?

Wheel balancing, commonly known as tyre balancing, should be done as soon as you purchase new tyres.

The service refers to balancing your tyres in line with the wheels weights to ensure everything runs smoothly. Driving with unbalanced tyres can be very dangerous and act as a hazard to other road users.

Tyres that are not balanced correctly cause the steering wheel of a vehicle to move up and down when driving at certain speeds. This leads to faster wear and tear of your tyres. If you notice this happening contact your nearest tyre services company immediately.

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

Wheel alignment, on the other hand, is about adjusting the angle of your vehicle’s wheels to the position of the manufacturer’s specification.

It essentially refers to aligning your tyres so that you can drive in a straight line. Wheel’s that are aligned incorrectly makes the roads more dangerous for fellow drivers and passengers within your vehicle.

Aligning wheels involves checking the primary angles (caster, camber and toe) and reducing tyre wear. If wheels aren’t aligned properly your vehicle will veer to one side which means the vehicle owner, ie you, will have to keep correcting this.

Wheel Balancing & Wheel Alignment Services

Over time it is a natural occurrence for tyres to lose their balance. Wheel balancing should be performed more frequently than wheel alignment.

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