Bluebell Tyres Dublin Guide To Keeping Your Tyres In Good Shape

By Bluebell
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One thing that may not jump to a vehicle owners mind immediately are their tyres. Yet tyres are such a crucial part of a vehicle, if not the most important.

Tyres are often overlooked as a vehicle owner leans more towards thinking about the look of the vehicle or how much petrol is in their tank. This should not be the case. Tyres should be equally as important.

The tyres of any vehicle support the weight of the vehicle load. They also change and maintain the direction of travel and these are only two reasons why tyres are important.

Their importance makes it crucial for regular maintenance in order to keep you and other road users safe. Here is Bluebell Tyres Dublin Guide to keeping your tyres in good shape.

Bluebell Tyres Dublin Guide Tip 1

Check For Damages

If you want to ensure everything is in perfect condition a full all-round inspection is a must. Here you should inspect for anything unusual. Over time wear and tear occurs, it’s inevitable.

Check for any signs of cuts, bulges or cracks on and around your tyres, any object that has punctured the tyre too. If anything like this has happened it’s vital you bring your tyres to a professional to get them checked. They may even need to be replaced.

Bluebell Tyres Dublin Guide Tip 2

Align Your Wheels

Wheels that are aligned incorrectly can cause all sorts of problems for the driver. Rapid wear and tear issues can arise due to incorrect wheel alignment, not to mention a problem like this makes it unsafe to drive by reducing the driver’s control over the vehicle.

If you are having problems with wheel alignment, take your vehicle to a service station and the technician will adjust them accordingly as per your manufacturers guidelines.

Bluebell Tyres Dublin Guide Tip 3

Rotate The Tyres

For proper maintenance of your tyres be sure to incorporate rotating them into your maintenance routine. According to Michelin, tyres should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or after every six months.

Front tyres will always undergo greater wear and tear than rear tyres. In this way it’s good to rotate them in an attempt to unify the wear and tear.

Bluebell Tyres Dublin Guide Tip 4

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

This one is pretty self-explanatory. In every vehicle you should be able to find a sign on the door frame with information on weight capacity. Tyres will have a label on them too as an indicator.

A vehicle that is carrying the maximum weight limit and over can cause damage to your tyres by wearing them down due to excessive heat. Overloading can result in tyre failure which puts you and other road users at risk.

Tyre Service For Locals

Bluebell Tyres in Dublin’s Bluebell Industrial Estate offer second to none tyre service for locals. If there is a problem with your tyres and you need them seen to we are on it.

Offering puncture repairs, wheel balancing to free tyre checks and more, Bluebell Tyres have got you covered. If you are experiencing any issues and think you need a tyre check then call us today on 01 4507792.