3 Tyre Checker Tips For Road Safety

By Bluebell

All too often, vehicle users forget to check their tyres, one of the most crucial parts of a vehicle.

A study conducted by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), analysing between 2008-2012, found that defective tyres contributed to a considerable amount of road deaths.

Vehicle defects were found to be a contributory factor in some 121 fatal road collisions in Ireland between 2008-2012. Poor tyre condition accounted for almost two thirds of these vehicle defects.

Heavily worn tyres and underinflation were just some of the factors making the tyres unfit for the road.

Tyres are the only part of your car, van or truck to have contact with the road. They are such an important part of road safety. Thus, regular maintenance is key to ensuring not just your safety but safety for fellow road users and pedestrians.

Air Pressure

One factor in tyre safety you should check is tyre pressure. Are your tyres underinflated or overinflated?

You can find the required air pressure for your tyres in your vehicle’s user manual. If your vehicles air pressure is incorrect this can lead to increased fuel consumption which is more costly and damaging to the environment.

Above all, underinflated or overinflated tyres make it harder to control your vehicle while driving. Underinflated tyres run the risk of more friction with the road, leading to increased wear and tear and increased risk of blowouts. Overinflated tyres reduce the performance of the tyre and affect stopping distances.

Tread Depth

The legal minimum tyre tread depth throughout Europe is 1.6mm. If your tyres tread depth is worn beyond this point you are in breach of the law and if caught, can be fined a sum of money and receive penalty points on your license.

Driving with worn tyres puts you and fellow road users at risk. If your tyres tread depth are worn to a dangerous level your braking ability is going to be affected, not to mention your tyres grip on the road, especially in wet conditions.

A simple method of checking the tread depth is to get a 1 euro coin and insert it into the tyre grooves. If the gold rim of the coin is showing then your tread depth is under 3mm and ideally you should be replacing the tyre.

Wear And Tear

Wear and tear is inevitable. Roads can be harsh and over time leads to your tyres being less effective.

The only way to be aware of damages to your tyres is to regularly inspect. If you come across something you are unsure of or if something just doesn’t look right, get your tyres checked by a professional.

In any safety check for wear and tear checking the sidewalls for cuts, bulges and any signs of cracks must be on the agenda. Inspect the surface of the tyre and keep an eye out for anything embedded into the rubber.

Still Unsure Whether Your Tyres Are Roadworthy?

At Bluebell Tyres we have been in the business of working with the Irish transport industry since 1956. It is our ethos to make the roads safer for all vehicle users and when it comes to tyre safety, you’re in luck.

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