Essential Breakdown Assistance Tips

By Bluebell

In life accidents happen. Not everything can be predicted. When it comes to a vehicle this is especially true. Vehicles can break down and when it happens you won’t expect it.

Especially on a motorway or a busy road a break down can be extremely dangerous and pose problems for all road users.

A stressful and frightening time, here’s what to know in case you ever experience a breakdown on Irish motorways. To clarify, Bluebell Tyres only offer 24-hour emergency breakdown assistance for commercial fleets both on-site and off-site. If you are within this category you can call us on 087 266 2446.

Pull Off The Road

It should be noted that in cases of emergencies, when you have no other option, get your vehicle to the hard shoulder. Keep your wheels pointed towards the left, away from oncoming traffic and have both your hazard lights and sidelights on to warn fellow road users.

Exit The Vehicle By The Left-Hand Door

If you don’t have enough time to pull over to a safe place or hard shoulder turn on your hazard lights immediately. Do not attempt to leave the vehicle if the road is busy. Only leave the vehicle by the left-hand door if the way is clear and there is a safer alternative.

If You Have Passengers

Repeat the second step, acting as a lookout for any oncoming traffic. Signal to your passengers when it is ok to leave by the passenger side to safety. You and your passengers should head to the nearest safety barrier or grass verge and position yourself the furthest away from the road as possible.

If You Have Pets

If you are a pet owner and your pet is present in the vehicle at the time of a breakdown it is mostly safer to leave them in the vehicle than bring them with you. A busy motorway or road can be a terrifying place for animals and they get startled easily. Keep windows open wide enough for your pets to have enough air.

Contact The Emergency Services

If you have a mobile phone handy use it to contact the emergency services. Give them your exact location which can be found painted on the hard shoulder every 100 meters in the form of a Location Reference Maker (LRM).

If You Don’t Have A Mobile Handy

On a motorway, walk to an emergency telephone by following the arrows along the posts at the back of the hard shoulder. The phone is free to use and will connect you to the emergency services directly. Return to the safest place possible after making a call to the emergency services.

Feel Threatened By Someone?

Go back to your vehicle by entering from the passenger side. Lock all of your doors and only leave once you feel the danger has passed.